The Configuration of EPS Cup Production Line

The Configuration of EPS Cup Production Line

Product Details

Main Equipment

Ⅰ. Mixer one set: 

1.Vertical type, it is made with stainless steel;

2.1200mm tall,1000mm wide with an output 100kg/h;

3.Motor power 1.5Kw.

4.Machine weight: 130Kg.

Ⅱ. Pre-expander one set (with one set of automatic feeder):

1.Expander cylinder size: ¢600x1200, 

whole machine size: 1700L*1000W*2300H;

2.Steam pressure: 0.7-0.8MPa, available downturn to 0.03-0.06MPa;

3.Air pressure: 0.7-0.8MPa, available downturn to 0.03-0.06MPa;

4.Granule foam times: 10-50,the diameter difference of granules are less than 10%;

5.Output: 50-160kg/h;

6.Electricity consumption: 3kw/h;

7.Machine weight: 1.2T.

Ⅱ. Dryer

1.Output: 200Kg/h-300Kg/h;

2.Power: 3.5Kw;

3.Machine size: 2810L*600W*1150H;

4.Machine weight: 150Kg.

Ⅲ. Vibrating sieve:

1.Motor power 1.5Kw;

2.Machine size: 1400W*1000H;

3.Machine weight: 250Kg.

Ⅳ. Stuff storage and supply system 

1.Blower: 3sets, 0.75Kw per set;

2.Storage hopper: 2 sets, 1500L*1500W*1500H;

3.Sieve hopper: 1set, 1000L*1000W*1200H;

4.Feed hopper: 1set, 1500L*1000W*1000H;

5.Some¢110 PVC pipes (according to forming machine number).

Ⅴ. Forming machine

1.Mould cavities: cup big diameter no more than 80mm with 8 cavities;

                cup big diameter more than 80mm with 6 cavities;

2.Working area: 1200L*280W;

3.Machine size: 1700L*750W*2260H;

4.Product height: 3-180mm;

5.Forming cycle: 7-15s/one time;

6.Electricity consumption: 0.3Kw/24h;

7.Water steam pressure: 0.7-0.8MPa; 

8.Air pressure:0.6-0.8MPa;

9.Cooling water pressure: 0.6-0.7MPa;

10. Machine weight: 500Kg.

Accessory Equipment

Ⅰ. One set boiler, coal or oil or gas boiler is available, each forming machine needs 0.3-0.4t water steam, so boiler capacity equals to 0.4*M (M sets of forming machines).

1.Boiler body one set;

2.Components’ detail:

1)Combustion engine one set;

2)Vertical multistep water pump one set;

3)Valves and gauges one set;

4)Automatic hydrotreater;

5)Sub-cylinder of water steam one set;

6)Chimney one piece;

7)Electricity cabinet one piece;

3.Special tool one set.

Ⅱ. Water pool size: 8000L*2500W*2000H;

Ⅲ. Cooling water tower (heat-resistant): 60T or 80T or 100T (according to forming machine number).

Ⅳ. 15Kw water pump one set for cooling mould, 5.5Kw water pump one set for cooling water tower.

Ⅴ. Air compressor: one forming machine needs 1 cubic meter compressed air.

Ⅵ. Storage tank of compressed air: 2 cubic air.

Ⅶ. Air filter one set, to be fitted into according to air compressor. 

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